Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dinner with The Youell's

 I cooked dinner for Carrie and David (even though it is about a month late) and we took it over when Chad got home from work. Sophie and Trey loved the chicken casserole and lima beans. They were so cute eating together. Sophie would reach over and Trey would hand her some of his food (sometimes he would just pretend and then eat it himself).
 They ate at the kitchen counter while Aunt Joan and "Papaw" watched on Skype. It was like they were having dinner with us:) They got to see them interact and kept and eye on them for us. It is so great that we have the technology to allow the kids to see them all the time. Sophie wants to "talk to Papaw" anytime I'm on the computer.
Chad had the magic touch and held Cooper while we ate and he slept almost the entire time. We had a great evening and the kids were great and had such a good time.

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