Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding Flowers...Behind the Scenes

 Chad had his biggest flower for Tiffany and Edward's wedding. Tiffany is his Aunt Joyce's niece on the other side. They grew up together and Chad's sister, Jennifer, was her matron of honor. Anyway...they had a huge wedding with almost 600 rsvping. Chad was responsible for 44 of the 70 tables at the reception and the flowers for the wedding party and the arch in the sanctuary. Import Flowers (in Nashville) delivered to our house on Thursday. I don't think the delivery guy was used to delivering that many flowers to an upstairs bathroom:)
 Chad is getting pretty quick with the arrangements and worked on the reception arrangements on Friday night and did the bridal party and arch the next morning. He actually got some sleep that night!
 The kitchen and dining area were taken over. It wasn't easy to fix my oatmeal and Sophie's waffle on Saturday morning. I got take out from Wasabi on the way home from delivering the arch and we ate outside on the patio.

 I managed to keep the kids out of Chad's way most of the morning and got them both bathed so we could be ready for the wedding that night. I took them with me to the church both times we made deliveries so they got good naps:) I took Sophie by the park to slide on the way home from the second trip to the church (Chad stayed to set everything up). I managed to get ready and get them ready and make it to the wedding on time (well kind least they started a little late).

Sutton is all over the place now and trying to crawl but ends up just scooting backwards. He ends up under the couch often:)

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