Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sutton's Cars Themed 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Sutton's 2nd birthday with family at Nanny and Grandpa's house the Saturday following his actual birthday. The weather was great and Sutton (and all his cousins) had a great time! Birthday parties are getting more entertaining for the kids now that they are older and can do more activities. Chad created an amazing birthday party once again. Sophie was a lot of help getting things ready:) She loved to help her daddy painting and spent many nights up late not wanting to miss out on any of the "projects." She is her Daddy's daughter for sure...I couldn't hang with them.

I think Aunt Deborah got more pictures of the details of the party, but I haven't gotten them off her camera yet.

The kids loved the car races. Chad made each of them from cardboard creative!

Quick picture with Jay and Brenna before they had to leave

Uncle Dustin and Aunt Andriana

The kids got Cars tattoos:)

and made key chains....gotta love a craft

Cousin Chelsea

Aunt Amber

Awesome Cake! Sutton loved it!

Sweet sister was helping him blow the candles out!

Sweet boy!

Ice Cream Cones!

He loved the bounce house!!

Mama even joined in on the jumping. I pretended I was a "monster" and chased the kids...they loved it!!! Lane and Cason took it serious and tried to tackle me. I was definitely out of breath chasing them!

2 dollar bill from Aunt Deborah and family...very creative:)

Sutton sure does like a hat!

Sutton is my little monster! He loves playing "monster" with Aunt Morgie:)

Grandaddy had to work and didn't get off in time for the party. We were sad he didn't make it

The great grandparents

Grandpa's bus and tractor made great "cars" characters

Sutton LOVED the bounce house...definitely worth the money to rent. The kids were so entertained!

This one took a long time to paint...

As Sophie would call him..."Lighting and the queen"

Looks like they are loving on each other...probably turned into a fight right after the picture

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