Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Dinner at The Alfonso's

We all got together at James and Amber's house on Monday night to celebrate Labor Day. Alli, Kyle and baby Josephine were still in town and joined us. I hadn't really thought about how crazy it is when we get together with 6 kids age 4 and just seems normal to us. It must really seem crazy to anyone who isn't used to it! We had a great dinner and had fun visiting with family and friends.
Trey was intrigued by Kyle's hair and just kept rubbing it while he was finishing eating. Like I said, it was a little wild with all the kiddos in a small space.
Josephine stayed safe in the baby bjorn:)
Very alert and taking in all the craziness
The kid table
Grandaddy and Aunt Morgie entertaining the kids upstairs...
So excited to have The Proffit's back in the states!!!

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