Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sutton Turns 2

I am writing this about 4 months later and I'm trying to remember all the things he was doing at this time. When we went for his 2 year check up he weighted 26 1/2 lbs and was 33 inches tall. I am pretty sure he was around 25th percentile for height and weight and 50th for head circumference.

Sutton had started using the potty around the week of July 4th, but we never really worked with him thinking it would be easier when we took our trip to California in August. It might have been a mistake because he pretty much lost all interest after we got back. I really didn't feel like he could communicate with us well enough to be fully potty trained, but seems like he really picked up on the talking on the trip and when we got back. It went from a couple of words to full sentences. He could definitely tell us what he wanted to do and how he wanted it done! One of the things I can remember right now is him saying - "No I'm not!" I think Grandmama laughed at that one and encouraged it:)

The move to the big boy bed was very necessary since he was climbing out during the night. I wish we could have been better about making him go to sleep by himself, but we were so unprepared I felt like I needed to sleep with him since I didn't have the right size mattress at first (way too high) and didn't have a bed rail. That isn't a good excuse for the past 4 months that I have spent putting him to bed and falling asleep with him. Maybe we will work on it in the new year:)

Sutton is such a sweet and loving boy. He gives big hugs and kisses and likes to tell us that he "loves us so much!" He is very complimentary and tells us things are beautiful and cute. He notices details and can tell when something is out of place or different. I can definitely see how it would be easy to raise a mama's boy. Chad commented that I don't have to do everything he tells me to do. He kind of has me wrapped around his finger:)

Sutton loves his milk. He and Sophie can go through a gallon every day and a half. He doesn't eat that well and it is probably b/c he drinks so much milk, but I in to him so easily and give him milk when he asks. He has learned to ask nicely..."May I have more milk please ma'am" (to both me and Chad) can you say no to that?

Oh...Sutton also refers to Sophie as "Sissy" and it is pretty cute. He LOVES her and wants to be with her all the time. Of course they have their moments, but overall they play well together and worry about each other.

We also refer to Sutton as "Sutt Sutt"...don't know how that happened. So we have Sutt Sutt and Sissy.

I can't believe how fast he is growing up! I think I treat him like he is still a baby compared to the way I was with Sophie. Sutton was here and 2 months old when she was his age and have a hard time realizing he is growing up...must be that way with the youngest child.

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