Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sip and See

Link to photo album from Baby Josephine's Sip and See

I helped host a Sip and See for Alli and Josephine along with Charlotte (who flew in from North Carolina) and Ashley (a childhood friend of Alli's). The event turned out great. I had the kids with me so Chad could be working on Sutton's birthday party stuff and they were so well behaved the night before when we were setting up. I was a little embarrassed with their crazy behavior when we heard a loud thump upstairs and when Ashley got up there Sophie was in the window sill with the lamp shade hanging off and Sutton was climbing on the top of the toddler bed. Another time she went up to check, Sophie, Sutton and Meg were in Mary Clark's crib. Ashley said her kids had never gotten in on their own and wasn't sure how they got in. My kids are monkeys and I guess they were teaching her bad things. We are going to have to work on making them realize they can't climb on things and act like monkeys, especially at other peoples house!

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