Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dinner with The Lambs

 Katie, Shane, Nate, Becca and Britta came over for dinner the week after Sutton's birthday party. Katie brought us dinner and dessert and the kids had a ball playing. We actually got to enjoy adult conversation and just sat around the table talking while the kiddos ran wild upstairs:) Britta is the perfect little baby and slept most of the time and never even cried when she woke up.

I felt bad that Katie had brought us dinner when I never even made a meal for her after Britta was born. It just worked out better b/c I wouldn't have time to cook after work in time for us to have dinner at a decent time. With 5 kids age 4 and under, this is the best way for us to spend time together:)

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grandmama said...

CUTE! Bretta looks like Sutton when he was a baby.