Monday, September 3, 2012

Sutton's Big Boy Bed

Sutton started climbing out of his crib over Labor Day weekend. We decided we couldn't put off moving him to a big boy bed and tried to get it all together before we had to go back to work on Tuesday. Chad's parent's brought his bed from Eagleville and we bought mattresses. As you can see from the picture they ended up being pretty high off the ground. I hadn't thought about the thickness when I made the purchase. Luckily, they let me swap out the box spring for a thinner so it was so ridiculously high. When we set it up, Sutton went to get his chair so he could get on the bed.
I got a little sentimental when Chad took down the crib. It is hard to believe that the time went by so fast! He is really becoming a "big boy" and he is sure to tell you about it:) The first night in his big boy bed went smooth b/c he was exhausted and fell asleep quickly. I didn't have the bed rail so I slept in the bed with him so he wouldn't roll off the bed. That was probably the first mistake I made b/c he was used to going to bed by himself in the crib and did so well. The move out of the crib made it much harder on us at night!

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