Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sutton's 38th Week at Church - VBS Program

Sophie participated in the VBS program on Sunday. They had practiced the songs all week and got to perform for family and friends. They were told to wear beach attire so Chad thought it was a good idea to put her in her bikini...maybe not the best for church:)
Sophie did a good job staying up on the stage, but was distracted at times and didn't really stay with the songs as well as she would at home.
She and Drake, Eliza's cousin on her mama's side, got a little off track and started comparing belly buttons. I guess that is what we get for putting her in a bikini. It was pretty cute:)

Sophie also made friends with Houston who had invited her to his playhouse earlier in the week. I got in on the conversation when he said he had a little bed and a high bed (I think they have bunk beds) and she could come lay in the bed and read stories....guess we better watch out. Sophie was taking his shoe at this point in the program instead of watching the slideshow. He turned around and told his dad that "Sophie is taking my shoe Daddy."
We gave the kids shells to listen to while we tried to snap a picture. Of course Sutton's went in his mouth and it didn't really make for a great picture.

Eliza, Brigham, Lillie Claire and Drake

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