Friday, June 17, 2011

Alli and Charlotte Visit

We missed Aunt Alli the last time she was in the US (she is currently living in Singapore) and had flight problems and missed the Nashville part of her trip. So when she had the opportunity to attend a conference she planned to visit Nashville for a couple days. Charlotte flew from DC so we could all hang out together.
 The pictures are a little out of order because I had to get the pictures from Alli's blog for the last ones (and for some reason they are small - Alli, feel free to go in and change them if you can). We picked Charlotte up at the airport and then picked Alli up at The Ross's. We stopped by Green Hills Mall and then headed to SATCO for per baby Davis request:) Charlotte was about 20 weeks pregnant and had just found out she is having a girl. After lunch we went to the AOII house to hang out and show off the new decorations. We got to relax a little bit and get out of the heat.
 After leaving the house we stopped at Centennial Park to see what was going on with the little festival thing. After a little detour we ended up getting Popsicles at Las Paletas.
We went to Franklin and shopped at a few baby boutiques that were having sales, picked up Calypso to go and headed to Arrington Vineyard. We dropped the kids off in Eagleville before going to the vineyard and had a little adult time:) Alli and I enjoyed a bottle of Red Fox Red and Charlotte drove us home. We did a lot of driving that day! Poor Charlotte was ready to get to bed.
On Saturday we took Charlotte half way to Nashville to meet a friend she was staying with for the rest of the weekend and then we drove Alli to Atlanta to meet up with Kyle. I was driving while Chad squeezed between the carseats in the back until I got so sleepy I traded. Of course the kids woke up and were a little fussy so didn't get much of a nap. Sophie complained that her tummy hurt. We asked if she needed to throw up and she said she did so we gave her an empty Sonic cup. Turns out she knew what she was talking about because we got off an exit and she threw up everywhere (not in the cup). We had trouble finding the place Kyle picked to meet and ended up having a change of plans. We got Sophie cleaned up in a CVS bathroom. I think we are going to have a car sick child. Bad news is they don't give any medicine until they are 4 years old. We had a great visit with Charlotte and Alli:)

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