Monday, June 13, 2011

Sutton 9 Months

 Sutton is on the move all the time. He is a great crawler and can get out of sight in no time! He is a big climber which is funny to see since he isn't even walking yet. Sutton is such a sweet and good natured little boy. Of course he has his moments, but he rarely shows that side in public so everyone thinks he is perfect:) He can wave bye bye and babbles a lot...Mamamama and bababababa.
 At his 9 month appointment we found out he had only gained 5ozs in 3 months so I have started supplementing formula and forcing food on him:) I have to go back and do a weight check in 3 weeks (I'm writing this a little late and postdating so I've actually weighed him at the dr after a week and he was up 8 ozs so I think it is working).

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