Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sutton's 37th Week at Church

 We had a very busy day on this Sunday (as if there is ever a Sunday that is not busy for us). We went to visit Granny and Papa and had lunch. This was the last Sunday before she passed away on Tuesday and she had gotten so bad that we knew it was going to be anytime. After lunch we went to Rocky Glade Cemetery's decoration. I remember the first time decoration came around when I was with Chad and I had not idea what this was all about. The families that have loved ones/plots in the cemetery gather and have a formal meeting to discuss the business of keeping the cemetery up. is something that Chad has always gone to since he was a little kid.
 We went to Amanda's house after the decoration to her grandmother's 90th birthday tea. Unfortunately, she passed away on June 24th (I'm posting this several weeks late). Mrs. Myrtle Hobbs will be missed. Sophie sang happy birthday to Mrs Myrtle and enjoyed entertaining the crowd.
 Chad made the flower arrangement and corsage for Amanda. Pretty and pink:)
 From the birthday tea, the kids and I went to Andriana's bridal tea at her Aunt's house. Sophie enjoyed playing with Andriana's cousin who was also going to be in the wedding and Sutton was a little angel. Everyone says he is such a perfect baby. I have to say that he is for the most part, but people would find it hard to believe how he acts in the middle of the night sometimes:)
The kids and I went to help Chad finish up decorating for VBS and stayed for most of the evening. I was using the air pump to blow up floats and decorations for the beach theme. I took the kids home to get them in bed and Chad stayed later to finish things up. Long day!!!

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