Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sophie's Latest

I haven't written in a while about Sophie and all the things she is doing. I am trying to remember everything, but it happens so quickly and she is doing something new everyday.

She continues to sing all the time. Her favorites are "Jesus Loves Me" and her "ABC's". She sings all the songs from her little wild things class and will even hum the tune to different songs. 

She knows her ABC's as well as their sounds and recognizes letters. Counts to 20. Knows her right and left (I think). I didn't teach her, but one night she was putting on her pajama bottoms and told me she was doing the right leg first. I have quizzed her on it a couple of times and she gets it right, but there is a 50/50 chance. I asked her who told her that and she said Nanny...good job Nanny! 

Sophie is big about saying "I need somepin." I don't think she really understands the difference between a need and a want:) 

She gets excited when I tell her we are going somewhere and says "my friends going to be there." She then names off all her cousins and family members:) 

Sophie has gotten in the habit of taking her clothes off when she comes in the house so I said to her "why do you have to take your clothes off everytime you come in, Karen." She says "Don't say that. I'm not Karen. My name is Sophie!" Mom was sitting there and cracked up! This past Saturday (while I was at the baby shower) Chad was changing her clothes and she told him her name wasn't Karen. He didn't realize where that came from until her heard me telling this story. 

Her memory amazes me every day. I pulled out a water bottle Amber gave us at Karlee's birthday party (in September) and she told me that she got it at Karlee's birthday...I barely remembered that! We went to take lunch to Papa at the hospital one day this week and got to see Granny. Chad asked Sophie what she said when he got home and Sophie told him she said "Hi sugar!" He looked at me and I said...yep that is exactly what she said to her when we came in. 

I have started telling Sophie about my Papaw Leroy who passed away the January before she was born. I showed her the picture of me and him and moved it from the bookshelf to the entertainment center. One day that week she asked me if we could go see my Papaw Leroy and I told her that he was in heaven and we would see him there one day. Several days passed and mom was over visiting. Sophie asked her "where is heaven?" and Grandmama said in the sky. She went to the picture of Papaw and me and said "there's heaven." It just amazes me what she comprehends and soaks in. We have also realized that if she wants to tell us something she will ask us a question knowing the answer. Chad and I were talking about how she is just doing what we do since we are always asking her questions to get conversations started (even though we know the answers).

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