Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feast on the Farm

We helped host a party for Dustin and Andriana on April 30th. Chad wanted to use an idea he had seen in Southern Living and set up a long table by the pond on his parent's farm and we served dinner family style.
He spent a couple weeks collecting mix matched antique china from different people and cut cloth napkins. We drank sweet tea out of mason jars. It was a great evening!

I talked Brian into wearing my apron that Tara's mom sent me from her trip to Italy. Everyone got a kick out of it.

The hosts with the future Mr. and Mrs. Lamb

There ended up being 46 people. Brad, Pam, Michael and Elizabeth enjoyed the dinner picnic style.
The dishwashing crew helped out in the kitchen while we transported everything from the pond area. So thankful they were willing to do that...I really didn't want to!
This was the best picture I could catch of the kids during the party. Nanny and Grandpa (with Brenna's help) kept all the kids and even took them to the mexican restaurant for dinner. I think it was a little crazy since they met up with mom and dad and Karlee. All in all it was a fun night and everyone surprised.

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