Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at The Youell's

We went to David and Carrie's after the church egg hunt and enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Grandmama, Grandaddy, Morgan, Matt, Amber, James, Karlee, Katelyn, Carrie's mom and grandmother (who is 102 and still very with it). David's friend from college, Chris, and his wife also joined us. The kids had fun running around the yard and hunting eggs. Sophie was way more focused and really tried hard to get a lot of eggs. David and I were coaching them would have thought we were competitive or something:) I think Sophie won:)

Unfortunately, Karlee and Katelyn started feeling bad and running a fever. We didn't manage to get a group picture and Amber and James left early to get the girls home and in bed.

Cooper did well, but he was still too little to get in with the kids and play.

Cooper is growing so fast! What a handsome little boy

The best picture I could get of mom and dad with the kids

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