Saturday, August 18, 2012

San Diego zoo

We got up on Saturday morning and drove to San Diego from Anaheim. We wanted to visit Stacey, Dallas and all their kids:) We hadn't seen them since Chad, Sophie and I were in CA when Sophie was about to turn one and Stacey was pregnant with the first set of twins. Since then she has had another set and we really wanted to meet the entire family!
We met them at the zoo and they were so gracious to let us use their guest passes. They just had the older girls with them and stayed until their nap time. We stayed a little longer and then went to their house to meet the two babies before heading back to Anaheim.

We saw Grandmama at the zoo:)

Sophie loves a map and a plan of where we are going!

Tara came along with us to San Diego and we were so thankful to have her around!!! The kids absolutely love her and are actually better behaved with her:)

Stacey and I went to Vandy together and were sorority sisters. She and Dallas got married in the Bahamas December of our senior year and I went to their wedding! I've been fortunate to visit them in San Diego 3 or 4 times since we've been out of school.

I think they liked the fake monkeys better than anything!

The polar bear exhibit was really cool

Sutton gave it up...wishing I could take a nap too

The kids were so cute together!

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