Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting a Rental Car at LAX

We landed around 9pm, got our bags and found the shuttle to get to the rental car lot. It took forever just to get there because the airport was packed and we were the first stop of many to pick up. We arrived and there was a line wrapped around inside and tons of people outside waiting. I stood in line while Chad and Aunt Tara entertained the kids. Tara and Sophie put together this little song...gotta love the shoulder shrug! I had bid on Priceline for the car and won the bid at $25 a day for a full size car (saving over 50% from the listed prices). We were upgraded to a small SUV and had a fully loaded Ford Edge (for no extra charge). We also needed to add Tara as a driver and was told over the phone it would be and extra $60, but he didn't charge us. If you know me, you know I love a good deal, so this helped make the whole waiting process less painful. We still had to drive to our hotel in Anaheim once we got the car and didn't get there till after 2am!
Aunt Tara stayed with us so we could get up the next morning and go to San Diego early.

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