Friday, August 17, 2012

Flight to California

Playing in the Nashville Airport before the flight. Needless to say, they were disappointed to have to board the flight
The kids did great on the flight. It got a little long and Sophie was already asking when we would be there after just an hour. Sutton fell asleep during the last hour and a half. We landed around 9pm in CA which was 11pm our time.
This was Sutton's first flight and Sophie's 4th. They were so excited and so cute together. Grandmama had been singing the Barney song about flying in an Airplane so they entertained us with that!
Aunt Tara was at the airport to great us when we got to baggage claim. She had even made a sign for sweet! Sutton's face looks like...who is this person:) It didn't take long for him to wake up and become Tara's best friend.

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