Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Trip to California

So I have been a little behind on the blog lately. Anytime we have big events it gets hard to go through all the pictures and pick out just enough to put on the blog. I also have pictures from our Disney trip on my phone, my camera, Tara's phone, Tara's camera and the Disney Photo Pass. I decided to just take it one at a time and get something on the blog.

This is a quick video of the pictures on m iPhone and some from Tara's phone that she sent by text and I saved to the phone.

We flew into LA on a Friday night after work, Tara met us at the airport and we rented a car and drove to our hotel in Anaheim. We got up the next morning (only a few hours after going to bed) and drove to San Diego to visit my friends Dallas and Stacey and their 4 kids (2 sets of twins under the age of 3). We met them at the San Diego Zoo and then hung out at their house a little before driving back in time for dinner in Anaheim.

We started our 4 days of Disney on Sunday morning and Tara spent the first two days with us in the parks. It was so much fun and great to have her around with the kids. They hadn't seen her in a while, but we have kept up on Skype and the kids automatically treated her like they have been around her forever. And if you know Tara, you know she is amazing with kids. No wonder they loved her! Sophie thinks she is her friend more than mine:) We definitely got a little spoiled with her around b/c it was just nice to have an extra hand to take a kid to the bathroom or entertain when we were waiting in line. They also listened to her more than they do us:) I really wish we lived closer to Aunt Tara!!!

Tara had work and school work so we spent two more days in the parks without her and then stayed with her in Pasadena for the last 3 nights of our trip. The second night we stayed in Pasadena, Tara kept the kids and Chad and I got a hotel near by and went out to eat and spent some time alone. She had offered when we started planning the trip and everything worked out and we got an amazing deal on Priceline for the Westin that was within walking distance. The kids had a great time with Aunt Tara and she had lots of activities planned so they never even missed us. They went to a soap store to pick out things for a bubble bath, played with finger paints, took bubble baths, played games, went to the pool the next day, had baths and were ready for lunch when we met back up.

I will be posting more pictures and will give more details as I remember them. Just want to try to get caught up.

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