Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pedicure With Sophie and Karlee

Sophie has become my pedicure buddy. I think she has been the past 4 times now and I don't think I will ever be able to go without her. She loves it!!! I go to Perfect Nails next to Kroger on South Church Street and have been going there since I moved to Murfreesboro back in 2003! Christy is the owner and she and the girls have seen me through both pregnancies and know all about my mom and sisters (they come with me some too). It is fun to have Sophie with me. They just got these new kid chairs in since the last time I was there so I wanted to take Karlee with us and let it be a treat for the girls. They were so well behaved and cute about it all. Sophie must have told Karlee all about it b/c Karlee was a little concerned that the lotion was purple instead of pink b/c Sophie told her they would put pink lotion on her. They don't miss anything!

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