Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick Beach Trip

We made a quick trip to the Perdido Key kind of at the last minute. Mom and Dad decided they wanted to take a vacation and invited all of us to come along. I didn't really have vacation time yet and we want to go to California in August/September before Sutton turns 2, but we didn't want to miss out on the family vacation. We hadn't been to the beach together since Katelyn and Sutton have been born. Amber, James, Karlee, Katelyn and Morgan were able to stay the entire week (Matt had to work). We drove got to the beach around 11am on Saturday and left at 4:30pm on Monday. We really made the most of it and spent a lot of time outside. The kids did great and took naps on the beach so we really had little reason to come in. We got the master suite since we were only there for two nights. Sophie slept on the chase lounge and Sutton was so worn out he had no trouble sleeping in the pack n play all night.
We always go to the Crab Trap, but we got a recommendation from some condo owners for Fisherman's Corner. It looked like a hole in the wall from the two trailers put together, but was very clean, white table clothes and good lighting on the inside. The food was awesome. Chad and I even went The ride home was a little eventful. When the kids woke up after we got to the interstate we tried to keep them up for a while so they wouldn't be wide awake when we got home late. We had the laptop so we popped in Nemo and propped it up on the arm rest. It seemed like a great idea until Sophie said "I think I drank too much milk". She was carsick and new that she was about to throw up. Luckily we had planned ahead and had a hospital pan with paper towels in the bottom. I got back between the carseats and was able to catch it all when she threw up. We spent some time cleaning up at a sketchy gas station, but after that she was fine and both kids slept the rest of the way home and stayed asleep through the night.

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