Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt at Rocky Glade

 The Easter Bunny made an appearance at the egg hunt. I was excited b/c we hadn't been to visit the bunny yet and I really wanted a picture:) Sophie loved it and Sutton wasn't so sure...notice I had to hold him.

We talked Nate into getting a picture and he hesitantly held his hand:)

 The bunny led the kids around doing the bunny hop. Loved Sophie's little bunny hop. Grandpa helped Sutton with his hopping.

Sophie trying to hold Sutton in place for the picture

Grandpa was Sutton's helper in the egg hunt while Nanny and I took pictures and Chad got video. Sophie and Sutton were in two different areas b/c of the age split so we went back and forth between the two. 

 Sophie and Sutton both found the lucky eggs in their age group (may have had a little help from those who hid them). Sutton was a champ at getting the eggs...Grandpa had to get a plastic bag to help hold them all. Sophie was a little more selective and checked the eggs to see what was in them before she put them in her bucket. She passed up on candy she didn't was more about quality over quantity for her!
Sophie "posing" for a picture with Tabitha. She helped Sophie hunt eggs and helped her count them afterwards. Love that we have such good church friends and family that love our kids and are so helpful!

Three generations

 All Sutton wanted to do was play basketball. He tried really hard to shoot the ball...he is very determined!

 Pappy with the kids. He and Mammy had been to a wedding and stopped by afterwards to see the kids

Katie and Shane had also been to the wedding and came by to pick up Nate and Becca. Thought I would get a family pic for them. Katie is expecting another girl in July!

 Uncle Michael had some games planned for the little ones after the hunt and snacks. They held the egg on the spoon for a relay and did the hokey pokey and the chicken dance. I have to say that Sophie looked a lot like me at the Wildhorse Saloon looking around at what everyone else was doing and always a step behind.

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