Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Lunch at The Youell's

 We had lunch at Carrie and David's with my side of the family. I can't believe we actually got the kids and Grandmama and Grandaddy to sit still long enough for a picture. We had a great lunch and the kids played in the backyard and had an egg hunt. It is so much fun having all the little ones running around!

My handsome boys!

Grandaddy and his namesake:)

Sutton is so cute with his puckered lips...he loves to give kisses...especially to Grandmama

David set up the table in the garage for "the boys" and Carrie said..."great...I will put the high chairs out there too." I didn't know how to act having lunch without the kids, but it was a nice treat to have adult conversation.

Sophie and Sutton entertained themselves moving mulch around in David's yard...sorry guys.

The cousins!

 Sophie and Sutton were pretty competitive with the egg hunting...guess they had it figured out by the time this one came around...I think it was their 4th.

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