Monday, February 13, 2012

Sutton 17 Months Old

Sutton is INTO EVERYTHING!!! He is smart, funny, determined, independent, strong and loving. He knows exactly what you tell him to do and can follow directions (not that he always obeys). He is entertaining...always putting stuff on his head (like panties or pants) with a goofy dance and laughs at himself. He stands on the table or gets on the bed does a little song and dance to get a laugh.

He loves putting on matter which kind...and determined to walk in them
He is very strong and will stand up to Sophie (and his older cousins) to get what he wants. Sophie often ends up whining b/c he took something away from her when they fighting. He likes to wrestle and rough house. I don't know where he gets it from b/c Chad and I don't do that with him. Nanny says he likes to wrestle around with Grant and Luke and tackles them. He has even pushed me over before...strong boy!
Most of all, Sutton is very loving. He gives really big hugs and likes to give kisses (and blow kisses). He has to give a kiss and hug to me and Sophie before Daddy takes him to bed each night. He yells out "bye" really loud when he is going up the stairs. Sutton knows the routine to pray when we eat. He reaches out to hold our hands, but sometimes Sophie wants to "fold hands" so he conforms and does that instead.
He loves looking at pictures and having us name off family members. He is always jabbering, but not many words are that clear to anyone except us. He does point to Morgan and Matt's picture on the refrigerator and says "Matt." I think Grandmama is "mamama" and I am "mama." He says Nanny and his version of Grandpa and Grandaddy.
The other night in the bath I told him to stand up so I could wash his "butt butt" and of course he repeats that! Sophie and I started laughing so of course he went around the house saying it all night.
He continues to go to bed easily between 8 and 9:30 and takes two naps a day when he is at the house with Grandmama. He likes to sleep (like his mama).

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