Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Sunday with Cousins

 After church, we had lunch at Nanny and Grandpa's house. The kids love getting to play together and it is fun to watch them interact. We had to pose a picture on the comfy couch...they are almost too big to all fit on it together!

Now they are adding Easter eggs and baskets to the "pinto beach"
 Grandmama and Grandaddy decided to cook for lunch too (after we had already made plans to eat at Don and Ginger's). We missed out on the lunch, but went over for dinner and ate left overs. Karlee and Katelyn came home with Mom and Dad after church so they were there also. It was a busy day with lots of eating and playing with cousins. Lots of fun!!!

I think they were kind of worn out by this point

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