Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl from the eyes of a 3 Year Old

 I started talking to Sophie about the super bowl on Saturday night when I told her all the things were going to do on Sunday. We would go to church, eat lunch at Papa's with her cousins, go to Nanny's for a little while and then go to the Super Bowl party at Aunt Deborah's. I told her that the Patriots and the Giants were playing in the game. She asked if they were giants like on Mickey. I thought I did a good job explaining what was going on until we got to Aunt Deborah's. She had been excited about the party and had picked the Patriots to win (and told everyone when we talked about the Super Bowl party). When we got there she was acting like she didn't want to go upstairs and then she told me she was scared b/c she thought the giants were up there. Poor girl!!! I took her into the living room and showed her on the TV that they were just big boys playing football.We left after half time and went home. When we turned the game back on it was already over and she was disappointed that the patriots didn't win b/c that is what she had said all day:) The next day when the all the stations were talking about the super bowl she got all excited and told Grandmama that "they are talking about our super bowl party!" The day after, when Chad was taking them to Eagleville and she was dosing off she woke up when they said something about the game and said "Daddy, your car is talking about our super bowl party!" I think in her mind we were the only ones who watched the game:)
 I was really proud of this picture that I set up. The kids did a pretty good job cooperating.

Sutton was tired and crawled up on the chair with Ashton to snuggle. Such a little flirt.

Chad and Uncle Michael

Chad bought me the boots for Christmas (love them) and then got the sweater when he went to look for a shirt for me the other day (came home with a suit and 3 sweaters in addition to the shirt he went for). Then he brought the necklace home from work for me...he has good taste. Guess that is why he ended up with me:)

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