Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cooper's First Birthday Party

 Cooper turned one on the 18th and we celebrated with a cowboy theme. Carrie did a great job with decorating and turning their garage into a little play area for the kids. We had great food and an awesome cake!

My little cowgirl and cowboy!

Chad put together some flower arrangements that morning from flowers he picked up at Kroger. He can make anything look good:)

Not so sure about the candle and everyone singing around him:)

Jeffrey is a for real teenager...I still think of him as a little boy!

Chris and Katie expecting William in the next month

Didn't take him long to dig into the cake...he was loving it!!!

Sutton got his shirt wet so we had to put it in the dryer

Notice the food under Cooper...Sutton went in for the hug and got a little too rough and Chad caught Cooper with his foot before he hit the concrete. Of course I am taking a picture b/c I was trying to get the hug when it happened.

Morgan was at work, but Matt got in the pic with Mom and Dad:)

Lexie is a beautiful young lady...speaking of growing up fast!

Mary Nelle and Ken - the grandparents went with the theme of the party!

You know Big Dave is loving this:)

Cooper and Trey have two hot Grandmothers!

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