Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning...Part 1

 When we got home from Grandmama and Grandaddy's on Christmas Eve Sophie was pretty wired and we had a hard time getting her to go to bed. Nothing was working. Even the threat that Santa wouldn't come didn't phase her. We ended up letting her fall asleep on what she calls "my white couch" and then Chad took her upstairs when he finished putting the baby doll crib together. I had fallen asleep on the couch also, but got up to help Chad get the doll house in from the garage. When he went to bed I stayed up to get his Christmas gift ready it was about 1:30 or 2am at this point.
I thought I would take a picture of the table before I put it all away for my gift...
 I had bought Chad a 4 place settings of the Lenox China pattern called "floral fusion." If it had been around when we got married we would have definitely gotten it and have admired it in magazine ads for awhile now. So the gift was something I love to, but not something we would just buy ourselves for no reason. I decided the best way to give it would be to set the table and use the turquoise milk glass vase I had also gotten for him. This was a very Chad way of presenting the gift and was kind of proud of myself for the effort (I'm not usually the one to set the table or decorate). It took awhile to put away the decorations he already had out (while trying to be quiet so he didn't know what I was doing) and get the other out. I even got a dozen roses and arranged them in the vase...again, not something I would normally do.

Chad was very surprised when he got up and loved the gifts!

Sophie and Sutton left Santa cookies and milk and he left them a note before he left. Sophie still refers to the golden oreos as "those cookies Santa likes"

The first time we had presents under the tree this year...just before we opened them. It was hard enough to keep Sutton from destroying the ornaments (notice how the bottom of the tree is looking bare).

Santa brought Sophie a Barbie Doll House

Sutton's Santa gift was wrapped, but it was a race track thing (at least that is what Sophie called it)

Standing on the chair to play on the rooftop

Sutton hugging Daddy while he was putting it together

The kids got to play with their toys for a little while, we ate breakfast and got ready for church. So they only opened their Santa gifts before church. It worked out and there wasn't any drama about wanting to open everything.

We got the reindeer from Aunt Deborah a few years ago...makes for good decorations at Christmas.
 Thought we would take pictures of our decorations outside. We hadn't done much before, but Sophie was obsessed with Christmas lights and wanted to know why we didn't have any at our house. She would point out everything at houses as we drove by at night. Candy canes, snowmen, santas,  reindeer (she learned that you still say reindeer even if there are more than 1). It was cute when she told her Daddy that it is two reindeer and then thought for a minute and said "is it 3 reindeers?" We explained that there could be 100 and it would still just be reindeer.

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