Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Elf on the Shelf...Elfie

 When we got home from seeing Santa there was a special surprise waiting for Sophie. Elfie made his appearance. She had already seen the movie on TV so she knew what it was all about. Unfortunately, Mom didn't pay that much attention to the details and didn't realize his initial place was were he would have to stay b/c no one can touch him. Good thing we went in the other room and he flew to the bookshelf b/c he was right in front of the TV (and Sophie didn't like that).
 On Sunday morning we woke up and found a mess. Elfie and Tinkerbell had teamed up and rolled the tree. Sophie got a big kick out of it. Chad didn't realize he was mischievous, but I had been seeing Facebook pictures of every one's ideas and that is why I wanted to do it:) I will say I'm glad he was just around for a week b/c I ran out of ideas. I'm really not that creative and didn't like getting up early to make sure he got set before Sophie woke up.
Elfie hung up our underwear on the light fixture the second night

Hanging out in our amaryllis

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