Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning - Part 2

When we got home from church we put our pajamas back on and got started opening gifts. The kids were so excited, and were so appreciative and thankful for everything.

Sophie has loved getting ornaments this year...we are going to have to get another tree soon!

We got Sutton a cowboy hat b/c he loves wearing Sophie's (even though it is pink). He loved it!

Sophie feeding her "big baby" - I had no idea the baby alive was going to be so big when I ordered it online. She talks to her, drinks her bottle and uses the bathroom.

Love this excited face!

Sophie even loved her t shirts we gave to her

Giving Daddy a big hug and sweet

As soon as Sophie opened the doll crib Sutton was climbing in. He was so cute.

Sutton loved his Rock n' Roll Mickey and Sophie enjoyed playing with it also.

Chad and I did give gifts to each other also, but didn't manage to get many pictures...we were focused on the kids!

I can't believe we were able to get a decent picture setting the camera to take the picture. I think the flashing light and ticking got their attention so they were both looking.

We had a great Christmas morning with our little family. It really is a fun age with the kids.

Big hug!

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