Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sophie and Sutton's First Trip to Dollywood

 We met my friend, Megan, and her family at Dollywood on Saturday. Even though I grew up in Sevierville, this was my first time to Dollywood for Christmas. It was a beautiful day and wasn't too cold when the sun was out. Megan's girls are 5 and 3 (I think Izzy is about 8 or 9 months older than Sophie). Ava, Izzy and Sophie had so much fun together! It was cute to see them playing and enjoying each other.
 They were all about posing for pictures and even set themselves up for pictures and wanted us to take them!

 We rode the teacups, the carousel, the elephants, ducks, and pigs.

Sophie didn't want to ride b/c she was scared of the scarecrow in the middle. Izzy and Sutton rode together instead.

 We watched several Christmas shows when it got dark and the kids loved them! We watched the Christmas parade which was a little underwhelming after being at Disney. Megan, Jeremy and the girls left after that and we decided to go through the rest of the park and check it out before we left. Chad ended up riding some of the roller coasters (which he was impressed with).
Sophie warmed right up with Uncle Jeff...they were big buddies
 I had a missed call from Devee and she was in the park to pick up Lexie. We met up with her and Jeff and they watched the end of the parade while I got a season pass. Megan had given us two of their day passes so we got in for free and they had a deal going that you could upgrade your ticket for $25  for a 2012 season pass. We both got one and spent less for the day and 2 season passes than we would have for just one entrance for the day. Thank you to Megan and Jeremy!!! Now we will be able to go back this summer and the kids are both free until they are 4.

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