Sunday, December 4, 2011

Visiting our "Cabinet"

 We decided we needed to go stay at the cabin before we started the year lease. It is such a blessing to have constant income coming in instead of going out for the cabin, but it is kind of sad that we can't just go anytime (not that we did). Anyway...Sophie loves it and enjoys playing "her ball game" aka pool and taking a bath in the jacuzzi tub. She slept upstairs by herself on the pull out couch both nights. If only we had a better option for Sutton. Maybe next time we go he will be big enough to sleep upstairs with that will be like a real vacation!!

Sophie sat on the chair on the screened in porch and said "It's a hot, summer day" even though it was probably in the low 40's. She has quiet the imagination:)

Sutton's eye injury...Chad found him upstairs with the ball racker thing over his head and stuck...not sure if Sophie "helped" him do that or if it was on his own.

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