Friday, May 13, 2011

Sutton 8 Months Old

Sutton turned 8 months old on Friday the 13th. He is probably about 17lbs and not sure how long. He has been crawling on all fours for several weeks now (no more of the army crawl) and is now pulling up on everything. He thinks he is as big as his sister and can everything she can. He is still such a happy little boy and smiles and laughs all the time. He adores Sophie and thinks she is just the funniest thing ever. I love when we are in the car and she gets him laughing. Of course it doesn't help when she is doing something that could hurt him and he is laughing at her. It just encourages her to keep on.

Sutton loves to chew on shoes and will sometimes even try to chew on them when they are on your feet. He is our little puppy dog. I haven't been so good about the baby food like I was with Sophie. He has just tried bananas, sweet potatoes and mango. I have let about 6 avacados go bad because I don't get the baby food made in time. Maybe I will get better. I have a feeling we will start him on table food much earlier than we did with Sophie. It is just going to be easier when he can eat off my plate (or Sophie's).

Sutton is sleeping in his crib more often and will even fall asleep on his own for naps at times. He doens't have a real schedule for naps and doesn't sleep for long if he does. I don't think my kids got the napping gene from me! He isn't sleeping through the night yet, but I take the blame because I am not as good about making him cry it out. I was so much more disciplined with Sophie.

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