Sunday, May 15, 2011

Andriana's Tea and Sunday at Granny's

We had Andriana's Bridal Tea on Sunday after church. Chad stayed at Granny's and I decided to take both the kids with me. Sophie enjoyed running around and reaching up to the table and taking mints and poking her fingers in the pieces of cake. I can't believe the wedding is going to be here before we know it!

After the tea we went back to Granny's and stayed until late that night. I think all 42 of us were there at some point that day and Granny was awake and alert almost the entire day. There was lots of food and the kids played well together. Although it wasn't the best circumstances, it really was a good weekend with the family. I am glad we had this time together and that Granny was at home and not in the hospital.
At one point during the day Granny asked Jennifer to sing "Go Tell it on The Mountain." This turned into the Leslie, Jennifer, Chad, Amanda (and me until Chad couldn't sing with me next to him) singing hymns around her bed.
It really has been amazing to see the love the family has for Granny and each other. It is also so amazing to see the support and love from the community. Granny and Papa have been such active members and supporters of the community and you can see how much she is cared for during these difficult times.
We know Granny isn't going to be with us for much longer, but we are enjoying the time we have left with her. She will not have to question how much she is loved.
Sutton was wiped out. Aunt Joyce on the phone giving an update

The boys enjoying playing together

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