Saturday, May 7, 2011


 We had a busy day of graduations on Saturday. We went to Tennessee Tech's morning graduation for Chad's cousin, Mac (Joyce's youngest son). Sophie and Sutton slept most of the way and it was a beautiful morning so it was a pretty drive to Cookeville. We had to leave after Mac walked across the stage in order to make it to MTSU's afternoon graduation for Andriana. Sophie slept again so she was well rested!
Sutton decided he would take a nap
 We got to MTSU's graduation a little after it started and there weren't any seats around where Nanny, Grandpa, Jennifer and her boys were sitting so we put Sophie with them and just stood in the entrance way beside them. It wasn't so bad b/c I think it made the time go by faster to be able to walk around. It ended up being a really, really long ceremony. It was after 4pm when we left and the graduation started at 1pm.
We had a little time to buy graduation and Mother's Day presents and run home to change before heading to Eagleville for the graduation party. Mac, his fiance Erika, and Andriana went in with a few other graduates in Eagleville and just had one party at the community center. We don't have any pictures of that b/c Sutton started throwing up and we had to leave early. Poor little guy threw up a little on me, then a little more on Chad's shirt and on him, we changed him and then he threw up ALL over me! By the time we got home and gave him a bath he was acting normal. I ended up sleeping with him on the couch to make sure he didn't get sick during the night, but he was fine. Thank goodness!
Sophie's new thing is to cover her eyes when I want to get her picture

Congratulations to Andriana! She graduated with a 4.0 and has her teacher's license, but just accepted a job with The Coop in their management training program.

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