Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing on The Farm

We were spending a lot of time in Eagleville while Granny was home with hospice. We were out pretty much every evening when Chad got home from work. Sometimes we went early and he met us. Sophie and Sutton got to play on the farm one afternoon.
Sophie was right with Grant helping Uncle Brian and Uncle Dustin. Aunt Jennifer had braided Sophie's hair and it was soooo cute! I had to get her and Grant to try and pose for a picture for me...not so easy.

Sophie even went to check on the cows with Dustin and Brian. I went on up to Granny's and didn't even think to warn them about her potty needs. Of course she comes in to Granny's and had peed in her pants. She does well with the using the potty, but there have been a couple accidents when she is outside playing and we aren't staying on her to take a break and pee.

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