Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grandaddy's 50th Birthday!

Sophie got a ride on the lawn mower while Grandmama was getting ready and finishing up the birthday cake
We went out to Eagleville on Thursday evening to celebrate Grandaddy's 50th birthday. We had been out to visit Granny every night during the week (Chad went with the kids on Tuesday while I went to Tpac with Katie) and it was good that we could be in Eagleville so we could see Granny that night also. We went to the mexican restaurant and Amber's crew and the Youell's came also. I was so bummed when my camera decided not to work when we got the whole group together for a picture at the restaurant.
Sophie was so excited about blowing out Grandaddy's candles

Karlee and Katelyn's art project:) I think Amber said she had more fun doing it than the girls did

Trying to get a picture of the girls with Grandaddy


We actually got a decent picture when we got back to their house. Unfortunately David and Carrie had already gone home.

Had to get a picture with our Daddy! It was Morgan's late night at school so she didn't get in on the fun.

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