Friday, October 26, 2012

Ten-year Vandy reunion

Hard to believe it was my 10 year Vandy reunion. Time flies when you are having fun:) Morgan came over after work and did my hair and makeup. I'm glad I had her take a picture before we left because the light drizzle didn't do much for my hair on the walk to Alumni Lawn. Morgan watched the kids and she and Abby and Sarah took them to a hayride at Barfield Park and to Moe's for dinner. They had a blast with her! She was able to get them ready and bring them to meet us in Nashville in the hotel on Saturday morning so they could spend the day with us.

So happy Alli is back in the U.S. from Singapore and even better that she is living in Nashville! For those of you who don't know, Alli and I lived together senior year in the AOII house.

Lynne and Kristin. Kristin and I lived on the same hall Freshman and Sophmore year and roomed together Junior year. She and her husband (Jeff) and daughter (Elise) live in Atlanta.

I decided I needed to stand against the pole b/c my heels were sinking in the ground so much!

Great to see Viral and Tyler!

We had lunch with Kristin and her family. Her parents came from St. Louis to watch Elise during the reunion party. It was so great to visit with them.

We hung out in the Vandy Bookstore wasting time until the AOII tailgate. It was pretty cold out and couldn't think of much for inside entertainment.

We ran into Viral and Bharath on the way to the AOII house. Bharath looks like a natural holding Sophie:) He claimed it was the safest way to hold a kid

Hold on there...

Hanging out at the AOII house. Katie also lived in he house with me Senior year...great memories!

Stacey came all the way from San Diego

We ended up in the middle of the band and crowd waiting for the team to walk to the stadium. Sutton wasn't so sure what to think of the commodore!

Sutton and his buddy Tyler

We ran into another AOII sister, Suzanne Clark Jones, at the tailgates and tried to get picture of the kids with her son, Parker. Suzanne and I were pregnant with Parker and Sophie at the same time when we were serving on AOII Corp Board.

Katie came back to Murfreesboro to stay the night with us on Saturday night. Sutton was all about her and all loving...until he caught wind that she was going to sleep in his big boy bed. He got pretty territorial. Sophie was happy to give up her bed and sleep on the couch.

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