Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Poopy Day...

Grandmama loves Sutton and he loves her! Good thing she is patient with him and forgiving b/c he can really get into some messes. On this day, Sophie was sick with a stomach bug and I had to work so Grandmama was trying to deal with her and holding her when Sutton went upstairs. She said next thing she knew he was coming down the stairs (sliding on his bottom) holding his poopy diaper in his hand. Needless to say there was a mess on each step and he was "wiping" himself on the way down. He is in a bad habit of taking his diaper off himself, but has stopped showing any interest in using the potty. Maybe we should have taken advantage of his desire to use it in the summer and tried to potty train him then. Hind sight 20/20. Thankful for a great Mama who takes care of my babies when they are sick so I don't feel bad about leaving them for work. I know they are completely loved and cared for!

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