Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophie's First Time at The Movies

 We had been seeing commercials for The Chipmunk movie and Sophie seemed interested. We decided it was time to take her to the movies. We went to the matinee after church while Grandmama and Grandaddy watched Sutton. Sophie loved the movie and was very good in the theater. She said she had to pee during one part so I took her (even though I didn't think she needed to). As I was waiting on her to go we were talking about the movie and if she liked it. She said she did, but didn't like the part where that chipmunk was falling in the water and that maybe he would be out when we got back in there. Smart girl. She didn't even need to go, but figured that was a good way to avoid the part she didn't like. It had been forever since we had been to the movies...I don't know how teenagers can afford to is expensive these days!

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