Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Play date with Karlee

 Karlee came over to play with Sophie and Sutton while Grandmama was babysitting. They had fun playing and coloring. Grandmama has been having "class" with Sophie and they have been working on a letter each day and working on coloring. They are also making an effort to get dressed and fix her hair each day. Sophie is really doing a good job!
We knew we needed to start working with her a little more b/c she as already doing so much on her own. She started telling us what letter words started with by sounding them out. She gets so many words correct and can sound out and spell some short three letter words like cat. I really think a lot of credit should be given to Leap Frog Letter Factory video.
 Sutton is such a little ham. He loves putting hats on his head and knows he is cute so he just smiles and dances around.

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