Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Sutton is up to these days...

Sutton is definitely growing up fast! On this night, he said cat without being prompted and called out for Nanny. He says Mama, Dada, sock, hot, bye bye, hello, hi, up, eat (more like eeeee), waffle (wawa), bath (baba). I am sure I am missing some words, but mostly he does a lot of pointing and saying uuuhhh. Of course we give him what he wants so it is easy for him to continue. Even though he isn't talking that much he definitely knows what you are talking about and can follow commands. I mention bath and he starts taking off clothes and heading for the bathroom...he loves a bath! He also loves milk (like his sister) and will go to the refrigerator with his cup and try to open the door. Lots of pointing and grunting and uhh...uhhhh. He is also obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Good thing because it is all Sophie wants to watch too! He will sit on the couch for an entire episode and start uhhh uhhhing for more when the hot dog song starts. He will find the remote and bring to us pointing to the TV. He also loves socks and shoes and when we talk about leaving he will go get them and try to put them on himself and start saying bye bye and going to the door. Sometimes he gets upset b/c it is taking us too long to actually get out the door.
Sutton has been great at going to sleep in his crib on his own. He typically takes two naps a day (Sophie never napped on any kind of schedule). All you have to do is ask if he is ready for a nap and he will shake his head yes and point up and say "up" and we take him to bed and he lounges into the crib. It is pretty amazing. It is just about as easy at night too. He is more like me with his love of naps and sleeping:)
Sutton is a sweet little boy who will lean in and put his head against yours to give you "love" or kisses. This also turns into headbutting sometimes...definitely all boy! He has also developed a bit of a temper. He stomps his foot when he is mad (and when he is excited too). I guess he got it from Sophie, but he is just so little to have such a little attitude. Sutton knows what he wants and what he doesn't. If he doesn't want to eat something there is no use in trying. He is very headstrong. With that being said, he is still a really good kid and does well when we are out. He loves to laugh and gets really excited when he and Sophie are playing and being silly. His smile is so sweet and I just want to eat him up! He is such a joy!!!

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