Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sophie's 3rd Birthday - Tinkerbell Party!

Sophie wanted to have a Tinkerbell party this year and Chad took the idea and ran with it (as always). It helped that Sophie watched a few of the Tinkerbell movies (over and over) so she was very familiar with her friends and loved all the details Chad added.
When I showed up to the party I was amazed at what Chad (and his Dad) had done to the pavilion at the Eagleville Methodist Church. I hadn't paid a lot of attention to all the things he was planning since we had Mac and Erika's wedding the day before and he was so busy with that. I should have known it would be amazing!

When Sophie got to the party she went around to every table to check out the centerpieces. She is so much like her Daddy...pays attention to all the details!

Tinkerbell made a special appearance at the party. At first the kids didn't know what to think, but she became a big hit. We even had to let Tinkerbell make a quick getaway so that Eliza didn't see her "fly away." Morgan's friend, Abby was so sweet to do this for us. She wasn't even upset when the hairspray turned her hair green instead of yellow:)
I love that Sophie has so many cousins!!! They really love each other and have so much fun together:)

Morgan did a little face painting for the kids

All the little girls got wings and the boys got swords

 Sophie got lots of fun presents. She loves to open presents!!

Thanking Tinkerbell for her present

Sophie got a Minnie Mouse bike from Grandmama, Grandaddy, Mama and Daddy

 Somehow Aunt Jennifer got Sophie to smile really well for these pictures with the fairies...I love it!

Her mean Vidia funny!


Alli said...

oh wow. Happy birthday, Soph!

Ginni Burch said...

where did you get the cutouts of the fairies?