Friday, November 4, 2011

Sophie is 3 Years Old!

Sophie woke up on the wrong side of the bed on her birthday. She wasn't amused by our attempt to celebrate with a candle in her waffle:) There are times when she wakes up in the best mood, but there are times when nothing is done right! 

I took her to her 3 year old appointment with Dr. Bigham. Mom stayed home with Sutton since we figured it wasn't worth it to have him around germs if he didn't have to be. Sophie didn't have to get a shot since she had her flu shot at Sutton's 1 year appt. She is so grown up and does such a good job at the doctor.
The gown was "choking" her...I wasn't taking a picture of that, but happened to catch her in her gagging. She is a little dramatic with things that touch her neck. I don't think she could stand a turtle neck at all!
This picture was in the exam room and Sophie says "that is from the Mickey show at Disney World that I didn't like." She was exactly was from Mickey's Philharmonic! She amazes me with her attention to detail and her memory. It doesn't amaze Chad as much since that is how he is and he would be disappointed if she didn't pay attention.

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