Saturday, July 9, 2011

Panama City Beach Trip

We took a trip to the beach and met up with Nanny, Grandpa, Jennifer, Brian, Grant, Luke, Aunt Deborah, Uncle Bill, Tiffany and Chelsea. We got there late on Friday night...made for an interesting night since the kids slept on the way and were wired when we arrived at 2am. Luckily I had slept some too so I let Chad sleep (he had been so kind to drive the entire way) and stayed up with the kids for a couple more hours before they finally called it quits. We just stayed Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and left Monday morning and headed for Orlando to spend 4 nights.
Wiped out!
Sophie and Sutton had a great time at the beach. Sophie loved playing in the sand and loved the ocean too. The funniest thing is how much she loved it after Chad explained that it had salt in it. She was licking the water:) We tried to make the most of our time on the beach and ate lunch in the room and ordered pizza in one night so that we could stay out longer. We did eat at a great seafood restaurant called Montego Bay on our last night there.

The kids had so much fun playing together!

I know everyone is going to love me for posting this:) Dustin and Andriana weren't with us since they just got back from their honeymoon

My sweet boy!

Sutton enjoyed eating the sand...figured it couldn't hurt him
 Nanny brought things for the kids to have Sunday School on Sunday morning. They talked about Jonah and the whale. The adults waited while they had their lesson and then we all sat in the living room and had a little mini service. We sang, had a prayer and Aunt Deborah read an entry from Ann Haley's blog on Caringbridge. The post was from February 14th and she talked about how thankful she was for parents who made going to church a true! Ann has battled cancer and kept a journal of her journey. She is truly an inspiration. She is in remission and back to work as a Vice Principal so she isn't writing that often anymore, but the older posts are so wonderfully written!

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