Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3 Disney - Magic Kingdom

Chad's plan was to get us to The Magic Kingdom before it opened so we could watch the characters ride in on the train. Unfortunately, we just caught a glimpse of them as we rode in on the monorail...I've never been known for being on time for anything. Chad had a schedule for the day with certain characters we needed to see. First was Jasmine (or Jassims as Sophie would call her) and Alladin. We rode the magic carpet ride while Chad waited in line (we were first). When they came out they took a ride before signing autographs and we got to be on the ride at the same time:)

Next stop was Ariel and Prince Eric. Sophie showed them the picture of her and Sutton in their halloween costumes last year and they thought it was soooo cute! Sutton was sleeping so he didn't make it in the pictures.

We watched a little show at the castle and then hung around for the celebration parade. We danced in the streets with Goofy. Sophie was extremely tired at this point so she wasn't having as much fun as I thought she would. She ended up sleeping for almost 2 hours in the stroller after the parade.

While she was napping I stood in line for Daisy and Pluto. She woke up for the pictures, but went right back to sleep. I don't think she would have even remembered if I didn't have the pictures to prove it:)

While the kids were still napping we found a shaded spot for the big parade in Frontier Land and camped out for about an hour (there weren't many shaded spots so we wanted to be sure and get one). Chad waited for Splash Mountain while we held the spot.

Donald came over to talk to Sutton. He was getting lots of attention the entire time.
Still pretty tired, but I tried to force a picture in front of the castle.

Sweet boy!

We rode Dumbo the first night we were there, but figured we would get pictures in the daylight.

We rode the teacups for a second time and then tried to pose a picture in front of the Alice in Wonderland display. I think the teacups were her favorite (at least today).
There was a dance party in Tomorrow Land and Sophie danced with Pluto, Stitch, Chip and Dale. Chad went to save a spot for the Electric Parade so I didn't get to take to many more pictures of her dancing since I had to worry about her getting stepped on!

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