Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sophie's Jasmine Themed 4th Birthday Party (Part 1)

 Sophie's birthday fell on a Sunday this year and we had the party after church and Nanny and Grandpa's house. It had been unseasonably warm right before, but it was pretty chilly outside on the day of the party. We were still able to have the party outside and the kids didn't seem to mind the cold. Chad went all out with her Jasmine themed party and made everything extra special. It was especially fun this year to have lots of activities for the kids. They had camel races, magic carpet rides, a treasure hunt in the Cave of Wonders and made jewelry (for the girls) and decorated swords (for the boys). Here's the first round of pictures. I have 135 from a friend of the family who happened to be at church that morning and came to the party and took pictures. So thankful, because my camera was acting up and I wouldn't have had any of my own. Aunt Deborah took pictures also, but I haven't even gotten them from her yet.

Big girl...fixing her own plate

I'm sure Aunt Deborah got some great pictures too!

Sophie saying the prayer

The kids loved the bounce house!!! I don't know if we will be able to have a party without one now. I think they have come to expect it.

Listening to instructions about he treasure hunt

Trey is going to be a baller...look at that follow through!

Ready to go into the Cave of Wonders and find her treasure!

I think it will be easier to hire someone to video and take pictures at parties from now on. It really is hard to enjoy and capture it all!

The camel races...

It was pretty comical really...

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