Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crickett county Christmas

I only had a few pictures on my phone from our Christmas play at church. I know Ginger and Aunt Deborah have some so maybe one day I will get them and post. Chad directed the play and actually wrote in 5 extra parts that were probably just as funny as the original if not more. I was Brenda Mae (twin sister of Glenda Mae played by Elizabeth). I was a country cousin and Chad was Oswald, a city cousin. Some of you who knew me growing up might recognize the hair do...I used to roll and spray my hair like this every day. Everyone was amazed at how fast I could get it to look like this. They didn't realize I had many years of fixing my hair on the way to school...had to be quick:) Sophie was one of three wild children who came into the beauty shop making a mess. She did great! I think she is going to be a natural:)

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