Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kristen's Wedding at The Jersey Shore

 I flew to Philly to meet up with Alli (who flew from Singapore) to go to Kristen Quirk's wedding. Alli was in the wedding and Kyle wasn't making the trip with her so it worked out that I was able to come by myself and we rode together and shared a room. I even got to be her "date" to the rehearsal dinner:) The wedding was in Sea Isle City where Kristen and her friends had summer houses during college and for several years after. I had visited her there several times (can't remember how many, but at least twice after college). It was a beautiful October weekend. Lots of sun, but a little chilly. It was great to visit with sorority sisters and see Kristen's family and friends I had gotten to know on my visits to the "Jersey Shore."
 I fixed Alli's hair for the wedding and helped with makeup (she pretty much did it all but the eyeshadow). I thought her hair turned out pretty good.

 We stayed in a 3 story beach house with all the vandy girls and our house was connected to the house Kristen's family was in. It was soooo nice! Kristen and Tim saw each other for before the wedding on the beach and the girls were all watching from the balcony. Then the entire wedding party went down for pictures. It was so beautiful...can't wait to see all the pics.

 The wedding was a Catholic Ceremony at 1:30pm. It lasted for almost an hour and after the receiving line there was about an hour break before the cocktail hour at the Yacht Club. I haven't been to many Catholic Ceremonies, but it seems to be the norm since you can't have the wedding too late in the day because of Mass. The reception was very nice with lots of great food and fun dancing:)
I had a great time and so glad I was able to be there for Kristen and Tim's big day. I did miss my babies (and Chad). Morgan was watching the kids the day I left and drove me to the airport. Sophie didn't even make it home before she threw up all over the place. She got sick another time that night and ended up throwing up 5 times on Saturday. Chad had his cousin's bachelor party that night and had tried to take the kids to his mom's, but she got sick on the way and then again once he got there so he just turned around and brought them back home. They didn't even go to church on Sunday morning b/c she got sick again. His mom came to watch the kids while he came to the airport to pick me up...he had already had to clean the carseat twice. We don't know what was wrong with her, but Sutton never got it thank goodness. Made for a rough weekend.
The "Lamacs"...they were all in the same AOII family

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