Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sophie's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party - Part 1 "The Setup"

 Chad started on Sophie's party weeks before the actual date. It all started with the "Two Minnie Mouses" that he cut out of insulation board (thanks to Aunt Jennifer for making the transparency and Grandaddy for picking up the board at Lowe's) and painted. It was funny to see Sophie's reaction as he did this all in the kitchen:) She went around saying..."Two Minnie Mouses." Aunt Andriana made the "Happy Birthday Sophie" sign that went over the candy table.
 Chad has to give credit to heavenly blooms blog for ideas for the decorations. He used the idea of a candy table, but used a lot of his own ideas. We had Little Debbie zebra cakes, puff corn and caramel corn, strawberry whoppers, pink and white marshmallows and strawberry cream savers.
 There were lots of trips to Joann's for fabric and tissue paper.
 We had the party at Jennifer and Brian's house (much thanks to them). It worked out nicely to have the party set up in the garage and the onto the driveway. The weather was perfect with the sun shining and in the mid 60's.

 Chad painted styrofoam balls black to make the Minnie Mouse heads. I picked up flowers at Import Flowers in Nashville. Luckily I timed it for Chad's lunch break and he talked me through it as I left Sutton sitting on the table in his carseat (sleeping).
 The cake ended up being so cute. Sophie loved it and called it "My Birthday."
We served pink lemonade to go with the theme and the cute water bottles with the labels made by Alli.


Anonymous said...

where did you get your table cloth at???? i been looking for it i cant find it for my daughters bday paty. what size did you get the Styrofoam
to make the head of the minnie mouse ???


LIsa said...

HI I just came across your blog doing a search for Minnie Mouse party stuff, and saw your pictures. You are very creative, and love the ideas.Could you please help me out with the Minnie mouse cut outs. Where can I locate the images your sister used to have transparent. I can only finds one or two poses and you have such cute poses. I am doing the same party theme for my soon to be 1 yr. old.
Thanks for your time,

Jodi said...

We got the Minnie poses out of a coloring book. Good luck. If you lived in Middle Tennessee I would sell you a couple Minnie Mouses:)

Lisa said...

Thanks Jodi! I will be on the look out for a coloring book How much would you ask for them? Any chance you would want to mail them?

Thanks, Lisa

Lisa said...

Hi Jodi, I started to roll with your cute idea. I found some coloring pages to use of Minnie, but not stuck with where you got the transparency done at and how big is the Minnie Mouse? I really appreciate your help.


Amanda said...

Hi Jodi my name is Amanda and I am doing a minnie theme for my daughter's bday. I saw where you had made some transparent size minnie's do you still have those? Would love to buy them from you if there still in great condition. Thanks Amanda